One of the things I was looking forward to most at Dragoncon 2013 was not even on sight. The Mythbusters were at the con and decided to bring their Behind the Myths tour with them.

mythbusters behidn the myths

Gab and I had about a 10 minute walk over to the fox theater, which wasn’t bad at all.


We booked our tickets months in advance so we got one of the best seats in the house!


Once everyone got in it was a little less desirable, the fox is using the really old seating system and could use a stadium style upgrade.

The picture I took of this really tall man is real.


He ended up moving and Gabi didn’t mind as much, so after that it worked out.


How was the show itself? AMAZING!

It was a very special night to me because Adam on stage was a lot like me on stage, being open and not being afraid to engage the audience and fix something when it’s broken.

He confirmed a lot of practices I have when I do a live show, and that alone was worth the ticket price for both of us combined.

If you get the chance you should check them out, although I doubt they’ll be back to Atlanta any time soon.