Went to the mini Gym on Saturday with my buddy Chris. We found we had grown to the point that there was only enough weights for one of us at a time. Since he was waiting for the plates to be free, I asked him to get some pics.

I hadn’t planned on going to the gym that day, so I wasn’t dressed for it. Combined that with my meeting up with friends after and I had to go shirtless this time, apologies for that.

I was careful to make sure to have a town covering all the equipment, at least I know that much about gym edicate.

This last set was a bench press and I was doing a total of 160 lbs. The most I have ever benced is 175, but this was after everything else, so not bad.

I am still soft in the cage all over. I need to stick with the diet and the treadmill and get red of that fat!