Normally I would tell you that you do not need fancy exersize equipment to get in shape, but lately my attempts to work out have failed miserably so I got myself a few tools to help me out.

1. a jump rope. (3 bucks) the classic rocky style exercise. I got this on recommendation of a friend of mine, but I don’t think I’m going to be using it much. it hurts my feet and I have to use it outside because I don’t have enough clearance here in the apartment. Not only do bears live outside, but its hot as a mother frakker out there.

2. a set of “pushup bars” (6 bucks) they’re designed to make pushups a little more interesting. I really like these! I can feel it in mussels I don’t normally feel, AND it’s a lot more natural, I think I can set a routine with these.

3. An ab roller (24 bucks) I’ve always wanted to do sit ups but find it literally difficult to get them done. this make it one fluid motion so I think I will be doing this a lot too.
I also picked up a few sleeveless shirts to work out with. I like the feel of the one I got for the BSG costume so much I got a few more colors today. Won’t really get me in shape, but it will help me look cool

The theory I’m using is that I can focus on these tools and that should help me get more exercise. I can say “I need to do 3 sets of 10 on the ab roller, 3 sets of 10 on the pushups, then 30 minutes on in the apartment swimming pool, or the stationary bike I have collecting dust”

Even if I only use them a little I think its a good 33 dollar investment, at the very least that’s 6.6 value meals I wont be able to afford now