The other day a friend of mine was looking for Beastmaster 2: Through the portal of time on DVD.

I knew this movie had never been released in DVD format so (because I had nothing better to do) made one.


It had been a while since I mastered a disc from scratch so I needed the practice.

The movie took up most of the space, but I had room for a motion menu with sound, the trailer, soundtrack and an Easter Egg.

Did you know that DVD menus are ALWAYS made in photoshop? It uses a hidden layer to make the select options.


Each highlight layer is in it’s own group, but I’m showing them all at once for simplicity.

The Easter Egg is chosen by clicking on the portal in time. That highlight came out surprisingly clear, even on a picture tube TV.


I’m guessing it came out so sharp because of advancements in Adobe Encore rather then my own skills though.

Once I had the disc mastered, I used Lightscribe to label it.

beastmaster DVD

and since I had gone that far I went ahead modified the VHS cover for the DVD too.


Of course, not making it didn’t stop me from putting my own logo on it, but that was just for fun.

The final products look like more like a bootleg then I would have liked.

Beastmaster DVD cover 01

But at least it looks like a bootleg of a product that doesn’t actually exist, so I’m happy with it.