Gabi entered a contest with penny arcade a while back and actually won the shirt she was going for. Recently she modded it and I asked her to put that up on the site.


Several months ago when Bayonetta came out Penny Arcade had a little contest. They ask for people to beat the game on hard, take a picture of it and win a T shirt. I felt up to the challenge and beat the game.

Note the shirt I was wearing :D  hahah. I painted that one a year ago. More on that another time.

So my shirt arrived a couple weeks later. I was thrilled to have a nifty rare shirt. Fast forward to now and I realized I hadn’t worn it anywhere. I also hadn’t worn a few other funtime shirts. Came to the realization that it was because they were all boy shirts. They make nerd girl shirts but they are usually pink and tight and more pink.

Months ago I read a way to turn that XL YOUR FAVE BAND t shirt into a shirt that fits on
I finally got around to trying it out. It’s basically taking in the sides and arms and cutting the length.

Turned out great and I went ahead and did my Aperture Science shirt as well. I have a few more shirts I am totally doing this too. they fit so much better.