Most of you probably know how big of a fan of Battlestar Galactica I am.

With a focus on character development instead of special effects it made it just a fantastic show. Unfortunately the very thing that made the show good made an unsatisfying final season. Instead of wrapping it up, it focused on how the characters felt about it ending and left us with questions that could have been answered but now never will be.

This was the way the creators wanted it so when BSG: The Plan was announced I wasn’t too excited about it.


After I saw it I wasn’t going to do a write up at all, but luckily another member of The Colonial Fleet forums posted a review that reflects exactly how I feel.

Here’s what Furball had to say:


QUOTE(Furball @ Oct 28 2009, 03:37 AM) *

So with great anticipation I sat down to watch what apparently is the absolute final chapter to this amazing saga. And I can sum up my feelings for The Plan with one word….


I’m not suggesting it’s a waste of time, not by any stretch, but The Plan offers very little new information that we weren’t already able to deduce on our own, and it frequently offers answers to questions I doubt anyone was even asking. It’s actually a little boring.

Essentially we zip through the entirety of the series from just before the mini-series until the end of the second season from the perspective of Cylon #1/John Cavil as he plots the beginning of and the ongoing demise of the human race. There are lots of clips reused from throughout the first two seasons that pad the space between new scenes filmed for this movie. It feels like an overly long SG1 clip show from back in the “glory days” of Stargate, if you hated those clip shows as much as I did then you’ll be frustrated by The Plan as well.

I’m not going to do a scene by scene rehash of the movie, instead I’d like to discuss what is NOT in this film.

1. Nothing about how the Five came back to the Colonies and stopped Cylon War I
2. Nothing about the births of the Eight
3. NOTHING about Daniel and his betrayal WTF!?!?!?
4. Cavil’s betrayal of the Five is not shown
5. Biological Centurions, Raiders, and Base Ships? Nothing about that

And so on… We get none of the backstory to what led to Cavil believing he had to eradicate humanity and punish his parents. Yeah it’s covered pretty well in the series through dialogue, but then so is pretty much everything else in this movie as well, why not show us something a little more interesting?

Some very cool things that we do see that aren’t spoilery.

1. Shots from most of the planets in the Colonies being destroyed
2. Raptors being used by civilian law enforcement and emergency services (saw green/white and red/white versions)
3. Battlestars falling out of the sky


so yea, that’s everything I would have said,  but articulated better. If you liked seasons 1 and 2 this is a pretty cool thing to have, but I would give it a pass if you were looking for answers