After a Jacksonville frak party I realized my blues were in desperate need of an overhaul. I’ve lost some weight and the thing just hangs off me now. After much begging, Gabi agreed to help me (as in she did all the work) and we pined the insides down and sewed it it so it fits nice and snug.



I wanted to get a picture of me being devastated about a worthless earth. We were feeling adventurous so Gabi and I decided that we would search for a good location rather then take the same ol’ hallway pictures and this is what we came up with.

Gabi took it a lot better, she thought the wasteland was kinda pretty.

You may not notice but there is a 6 foot sea wall separating us from the water. One of my buttons popped off and Gabi jumped down there and got it for me.

My hero!It was a lot of fun to go do a shoot like this, we should set up a day and do a group session some place.I took some other photos if you wanna see, here’s a link to it.…tica/?start=all