The car wouldn’t start this morning! oops I had to skip work again.

I ended up getting a jump late in the afternoon and bought a new battery so that problems solved.
Just before we left to do that, my buddy james helped me record some vocals for a parody song I’m working on. I can’t tell you what it is because it’s a really good idea and will get stolen before I have the chance to post it and become internet famous.

James did the main vocals, he’s really quite good.

Gabi helped him with the backup track. I was going to help, but it turns out Im tone deaf so that didn’t work out.

One last thing for today is that I ran some test on the footage for Wheldon Smiley II. Here is what the split screen is going to actually look like.

If that doesn’t look cool to you, you’re not going to like the movie at all.