my car battery died today while I was at work. Luckily I’ve been though this a few times so I know what to do. I was able to get a jump from security, and was shocked to see that it wasn’t the battery but the corrosion! it was really caked on and I had to poor soda on it to get the jump. you think the guys at jiffy lube would have told me that when they were under the hood!

The sucky part about this story is that I found out the car was dead on my way to lunch so I had to eat stale bread… again. I guess that helps with my whole “get into shape” deal so in the end it works out.

I found out today that I am going to start school on September the 7th, a full month sooner then I thought, WOOT! this is great news because it means I can leave my job in July guilt free. I’ll have some time to myself, and to dedicate to AFO, but not too much time that I feel like a bum.

I spent a big part of today looking at the curriculum of the digital arts and design course I’ve singed up for. It’s really exciting stuff! I bet most of my friends will be really jealous with all the usable skills I am going to learn. I can’t wait!