With all this time off I have, I’ve been looking up old gems, one of them being the back to the future ride


The ride was closed down last year, but I found a comprehensive video review of it on youtube that will let you experience the whole thing again. (you’ll have to shake your own chair though)


as most of you should know, it’s been replaced.  The Simpsons now hang out in the gutted corpse of my favorite ride.


I’ve been all about hateing this thing until I saw this

Since they admit that their ride isn’t nearly has awsome of the original I can at least give it a try. Combine that with wanting to bike someplace, and never seeing the mummy ride either and I think a trip to Universal is in order. 

Unless something comes up, I plan on going tomorrow, and it occurs to me that some of you that might have some passes to spare. If somebody can hook me up that would be great if not, I’m still going to go so this is also an invite for anyone who wants to join me.

Just let me know and we’ll meet up