After the last playtest of my Lucidity game we were hanging out talking about the cool things we’ve done in our lives.

Eventually we started reminiscing about how great The Back To The Future The Ride was.

Our friend Amanda didn’t have the pleasure of going to the ride while it was still at Universal Studios Orlando so we made a simulator on the spot.

Since it was so dark I put a little intro so people who see it on youtube would know what my rig looked like.

If you happen to be coming over from youtube or are just curious about my desk you can find all that info here

If you’re looking into just the chair that’s here

If you’re not familiar with Back To The future The Ride it was the best!

I first went to it on my birthday October 26th 1991 and I made sure to ride it every time I went after that, often multiple times and often waiting hours each time.

1991 was the year the cartoon was on the air, they had cutouts of the animated Doc Marty and Biff in front of the time train.

I wasn’t the only one to have fond memories of the attraction, and this video captures what it was like pretty well.

The ride was reskined for the Simpsons, and I’m sure it’s great but it will never live up.

I’m sad to see the ride go, but I’m glad they released the footage as part of the 25th anniversary DVD so we can have fun like we did with the home sim.

In a very real way we kept the attraction alive more then any petition to keep it going ever would have.

This ride doesn’t get old for me, so if you’re ever over at my place don’t hesitate to ask to visit the institute of future technology, I can make it happen!