While we clean up the different rooms of the house we are finally at the place where we can unbox the little things from the old apartment. Last night I found a temporary frame for my Back to the Future Cell

I never converted the original post from my myspace blog so I thought I would do that now.

Let’s skip to the pictures.

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. I actually OWN a cell from the back to the future cartoon show.

It has the background AND the original sketch art. I got it for a whopping 4.99

Let me say that again, four dollars, and ninety nine cents… After shipping it was less then 10 dollars.

I was so excited to win this one that I hardly even spoke about it until I had it in my hands cus I was afraid of something going wrong. This isn’t just some nifty cell, this is pretty much the only cell I would ever want to own.

I was the only person I know that watched this show when I was a kid. During Saturday Morning Cartoons people are still amazed by the opening even though I’ve shown it 3 times now. It is by far my favorite cartoon and now I own an actual piece of it.

Its not out on DVD so I searched through episodes on youtube and found a frame pretty close.

Obviously it’s not perfect but that’s because you can’t do frame for frame with flash. I’ll try to download the episode again to find it exactly.

It came from the first episode of the second season called Mac The Black. You can click on the picture to see the episode.

I know BTTF doesn’t do it for everyone, but the guy I bought it from has like a thousand other kickass cartoons including He-Man and Real Ghost Busters. You can click here to go through them.