A few weeks ago I started playing Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People in anticipation of TellTales Back To The Future Game Series

It’s a basic point and click that masterfully captures the original movies and was a hell of a lot of fun to play!

Unlike Ghostbusters the voice acting in this is beyond perfect (sorry Bill Murry you phoned it in and we all know it) I was blown away by how well Christopher Loyd could still be Doc Brown even after all these years.

The game is currently on sale on telltales site, you can get all the episodes now for a pretty good price and if I were you I would do it.

On a semi-related note I was surprised to find my 13 year old niece Kayla had never heard of the movie let alone seen it. This only surprised me because a Delorean is a well known and referenced in most of the tv I watch, but my description of the car had her at a total loss.

On the upside when I explained the plot of the movie she really like what she heard so unlike Star Wars this is an easy sell to have her watch it.