I’m doing Big Damn Gameshow: Sci-fi addtion for Assmulation Con at the end of the month. One of the guest is Tracy Scoggins who was Elizabeth Lochley on Babylon 5 and I’m going to be using some of her clips as questions in the show.

I didn’t want to use clips from B5 so instead I got crusade.

I only needed to capture a few clips, but to do that I had to download the the complete series… and of course I was compelled to watch the whole thing. Gabi had never seen or heard of this show before, and I started telling her a story that sounded way to familiar:

Network promised support, then bailed
Only 13 episode’s were made
They had him redo the pilot and the second one sucked
They broadcasted the episodes way out of order before finally canceling it without explanation… gee.. I can’t imagine where she could haved heard that before…

I’m not sure I’ll get her invested in the show, although the effects were cutting edge then, they are kinda bad looking now so she finds the action scenes boring, we’ll see.