I don’t know if everyone knows, but Gabi and I have been working on adding a Shock Cam feature to our photobooth setup at AZA.

While that is still very much in R&D, one picture came out that I felt needed to be shared.

Now obviously this isn’t a picture I can sell, we’re still working on angles, but look at what it says about the show. These guys are haulin’ ass down this dark hallway and loving every second of it.

That’s why I’m posting it now, I seriously can’t think of a better ad then this right here.

If you’re curious about how the shock cam is actually going to work, I’m afraid I’m keeping it a trade secret for now, but ask me in person and I may budge.

Hopefully we can get this running for the last two weeks, if I get it online I’ll make sure to let everyone know.