Every year of AZA has a different story and now that the fourth year is wrapped up, I can show off the character I played.

(While I was writing this I realized there was more then just one post can handle so expect things about the props and makeup in the near future.)

For the last three years I played a variant of the same person, a member of the militia fighting off the dead.

But as the situation got worse for the living, things got even worse for him.


But this year I was someone totally new, and I wanted to make sure I was as different looking as I could be.


The script called for Alex, a conspiracy theorist who is trying to prove the supernatural.

I added the last name Bradley in honor of my friend.

The doctor part is fake. (He got an associate’s degree in poetry from the prestigious Devry University.)

When you first meet him he seems sane enough, if a little excitable until he introduces his assistant Raven “a Powerful Psychic”


I never mention the hat the whole show. I just put it on when I say powerful psychic, and take it off when it’s revealed she has no powers whatsoever.

The device is an Azascope, I break down what it can do in another post.

At this point Dr. Bradley is clearly a nut, but a likable one. He’s growing more and more frustrated by the situation, especially since he’s lost control of the group to someone else.

This is until they find the thing he was looking for, the book of the dead, and from there things get unhinged.


While everyone is running from zombies, Alex is grabbed by the order of the grave. He somehow ends up ahead of the group with his arm branded and his shirt ripped.

Even though he is laughing like an idiot and slipping into gibbering madness, a lot of what he says is still true. He warns the group that they are headed to earth ending danger.

However, no one listens to him because he’s clearly gone crazy, and they take the book to its place of power. Reading the words and setting loose the old ones to rip the universe apart.

Alex has embraced his part in it now, and kneels before the squid-man, handing over the book.


From there things go south quickly, a great old one comes slithering out while Alex laughs, writhing on the floor…

…and I’m pretty sure that’s the last we see of him….

So what does that mean for next year?

I have no idea, we’ll all have to wait and see!