I have a few responsibilities at the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse and my favorite by far is acting in the show!

There’s nothing like interacting directly with people, and this year I got a juicy role that they let me go really nuts with.

For the first two years I played a resistance fighter and military gear.

AZA-2010-uniforms 2-thumb

I called this character Cyrus and when AZA 3 came around I decided there was no reason that my version of the role I would play couldn’t be the same guy!


The guest discover me about halfway through the show as a prisoner trapped in a facility since last year.

The Center for Disease Development is a dangerous place, their main goal is to kill and reanimate everyone they can.

Cyrus is a survivor though, and has managed to avoid the more deadly tests the mad scientist in the CDD had in mind for him by brute force and cleaver misdirection.


This kept him alive, but he could never find a way out and kept getting recaptured. A whole year of isolation, frustration, and surviving on rats and his own poop have driven him.. while not mad.. to his wits end.

I may look like The Joker’s Janitor, but I choose the jumpsuit because it dehumanizes.

The CDD literally replaced Cyrus’ name with a number and stripped away any individualism to reduce the variables.

This is an old theme in both real life and stories and the guests would pick up on this, even if just subconsciously.


(If you’re curious, these pictures were taken by Gabi while she was doing tests on our shock cam setup.)


I look completely filthy, but Gabi screen printed multiple copies of the costume so they could be washed every night.

We then weathered it to give the illusion of dirty, not actual dirty.


The screen print was popular enough I made a few more, but If I was going to do it again I would make Test Subject MX055889 more prominent.

I wanted to look as weird and desperate as possible so I didn’t shave all month.

Playing crazy during the show came pretty easy to me, it was acting sane the rest of the month that was the challenge.


I hated having a beard, and cut it as soon as we wrapped on the last night. It got so long it curled into my mouth! My sideburns were almost 3 inches strait out!


I wore a hat most the the time I wasn’t at the show. I tried to comb it but it looks even weirder.


Playing this character was a lot of fun, and my manic persona was well received, but by no means was I the only person to fill the role of “Billy the prisoner” with a unique name and character.


Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have of the rest of the crew, and as you can see they don’t do the other actors justice.

20121103_8275(if anyone has better, feel free to send it to me!)

Each of us played the part differently, and had strong points in different areas.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a good actors, they were great sports to put up with my constant tweaking!

I have no idea what kind of character I’ll play next year, but I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of old Cyrus, or of me being Batshit insane in some form.

They do call me Wacko for a reason after all.