It was right about a year ago that Avengers hit theaters. I didn’t see it on opening night, but James, Rosie, Gabi, and I went a few weeks later when they came up for a job interview.

I loved it immediately, and called it movie of the year in 2012

I hadn’t seen it since then but James recently loaned me his DVD of the film and I fell in love with it all over again.


What’s amazing about this movie is that it’s impossible. It brings in 6 other movies into one and pulls it off seamlessly.

It’s so rare to have any movie have a solid plot with no needless set pieces but somehow this pulls it off.

For example It would be fine if the Shield base flew “just ‘cus it looks cool” but that’s not what happens. The base stays safely in the water until Bruce Banner gets on board, they take off so that their Hulk killer prison can be used if needed.

Bruce shows up on a motorcycle at the end, how did he know where to go? He saw that Stark Tower was where the tesseract was just before all hell broke loose.

Why did Thor’s lightning supercharge Ironman? Because his Arc Reactor was based on the same technology and used the same energy as Mjölnir

Everything in the movie ties back to itself and is really enjoyable to watch multiple times just to catch it all.

And this was the big action film of the year, it didn’t need to do that to be “successful” but because it did it box office records were shattered.

I’m not a big marvel fan, so I’ll watch most of the tie-in movies on DVD but Avengers II? OH yea that’s going to be in theaters for sure!

Joss Whedon’s totally redeemed himself with this one.