I found out a few days ago that there is a new scare house not far from me. Not only is zombie themed, but it involves armed military shooting them, there’s a section where you can shoot live zombies in the head yourself with paint ball.

Here’s it is in their own words:

“The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is an immersive Halloween attraction like nothing seen or experienced before. This isn’t a leisurely stroll through a haunted house. This will feel like you are in a Hollywood movie, running in and out of buildings, up and down stairs and covering a lot of ground as you flee from the undead who all want to eat your brains.”

You won’t be shocked to learn that I HAD to be part of this, so I went down there and became part of the crew. All this month I’ll be working behind the scenes and as the military guides.

The location for this is simply fantastic, and I’m heading down today to help set up more scares so it can open smoothly this Friday night, after that it should be just a matter of working the event on the weekends.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like a fun way to spend Halloween to me.

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