Gabi and I wanted to start the new year doing something totally new, so we went to watch the Peach drop in downtown Atlanta.


We decided to live the city life for the night, so we took the bus and the MATRA train.

Once we were there for about half an hour we ran into some pals from AZA that I like to call Joy and the Gang.

(Notice Joey is doin’ the Eddie Ray.)20121231_7103

I was expecting large crowds and drunks everywhere, but this wasn’t really the case…

I did see a man punch a women in the face three times, but I’m pretty sure he lost that fight…

Anyway, there were some photo ops to be had.


And Carnival rides too.


Some of the gang jumped on a tilt-a-whirl.


It started kinda slow but got up to quite a bit of speed towards the end.


Because I wanted to really start this year doing all new things, I even put together an outfit I have never worn before.

I’m not much for new clothes, so having something that I didn’t buy 5 years ago is kinda noteworthy.

The Iron Man shirt I was wearing was more popular then I expected with random people asking me about it all night, and yes, it does really light up.

Joy took a great picture of it and it’s one of the best pictures of me in general.

Peter with Iron Man

So finally it was close to midnight and time to watch the peach drop!

The way they set up the drop was kinda strange. Instead of having it as a ball, the peach was only on one side so it could only be seen from one angle of the park.


Getting into the main square was not going to happen so we were just outside on the street, just past the news vans.



This was not a bad place to be though, as you can see we had a pretty good view of it.


One weird thing was the clock on that pavilion is broken. I know it’s hard to see but it’s stuck at 8:58.. a stupid thing to let slide on a time based event where it isn’t possible avoid seeing it.

Once the countdown started there were fireworks.


And the tower lit up too.


I recorded a video of the changeover from 2012 -2013 but was mindful to only do it for a minute or so so I could actually enjoy the moment.

It’s not a very good video but it’s cool cus the seconds are more important then others.

It was a pretty good time and I’m glad I did it, but I doubt I would go back another year.

Next year I think I’ll throw a party of my own, I’ll keep you posted.