Have you guys ever heard this thing?

It’s the Asian Giant Hornet and hangs out mostly in Japan.

It’s freaking huge!

Deadly too, it kills more full grown humans a year then all other animals combined. INCLUDING SNAKES AND BEARS!

Look what it does to European Honey Bees.


Reminds me of something…

I know this seems super deadly but like I said that was European Bees, the Commander Shepardish Japanese natives know what to do.


The hornet is not all evil with cool sound effects and music. It’s good at keeping other bugs out of crops and their population low. While the native insects are good at keeping them at bay.

Talk about circle of life!

I’ve made a post about it because I have never heard of it. I think it’s fascinating and because I thought it was cool, you might too.

These clips are form a documentary called Buddha, The Bees, and the Giant Hornet. If you ever get the chance I recommend it, it’s a great film.