We’ll here we are at the last day of Wacko’s story time. It was interesting pulling these projects out of mothballs, but also surprising difficult. A lot of the stories I wanted to showcase needed extensive rewrites to be usable, and by the middle of the week I really didn’t want to take hours a day doing so.

Still, what I did have ready was posted on time and that means I’ve met my challenge of doing one a day for a week, so I’m going to call it a win. I leave today with the back story to my battlestar galactica board game I created a few years back. In order to have the game balanced I needed 3 battestars in instead of two, and I used my friend brain’s ship to fill in the gap.


When the Cylons said they were leaving humanity alone, no one in the rag-tag fleet actually believed this was true. Not a single Human returned the 12 colonies after the cease fire. Instead, they focused on settling on their new home, hidden from their enemy. To them, the 12 colonies were no longer worth returning to. For the most part this was true, but the labor and breeding camps on all 12 planets were abandoned and the slaves… the prisoners… were free to go.  

The Cylons simply opened the doors to the cells and walked away. The biggest facility was on the Geminon orbital ship yards. Over 1,000 men and women, most military personnel before the attacks, were left on station alone. It took a long time for them to recover from the repeated sexual assaults of the breeding project, but over time the chain of command reasserted, and the ship yards became the rally point to anyone who was still alive.

During the occupation, word spread that a rag-tag fleet was still out there, eluding capture, and besting the Cylons at every turn. Hope of finding that fleet and leaving before the Cylons returned became the major goal. The Cylons had destroyed every ship docked, but they had spared the construction facilities.  Inside the main hanger was a mostly completed Mercury class Battlestar. Christened Artisan, the survivors decided to finish what they had started before the attacks. It took almost a year to get her FTL worthy, but the results were worth it.

Although it lacked an experienced Battlestar crew, it was in no short supply of willing men and women to prepare it for the trip a head. Artisan became the most armored and well prepared ship the rag-tag fleet had ever seen. Purposely retro-fitted and supplied for a long term trip, three months before the Cylons found New Caprica, the remaining humans of the 12 colonies left their world behind forever in search of the ragtag fleet.

On the 4 month of the second exodus, two tribes finally found each other. Admiral Adama integrated the ship and its crew at once. Outfitting it with vipers, raptors, and munitions, the fleet now found itself in the favorable position of three armed warships in the battle against the Cylons. A full offensive campaign began against any resurrection ship they came across. The fight was now even, and the race to find usable resources and find earth was truly on.