The summer camp I was running was all about game design so I asked the creator of Artemis to join us during both sessions.

Artemis Lucky 7 01

As most of you know, I’ve been working with the Artemis game for about a year and a half so it was great to finally talk to Thom.

I learned quite a bit in the conversations we had, and his game went over in the camp in a big way so I got permission to run the Lucky 7 challenge for my students.

Lucky 7 is usually run only at conventions and has the following settings.

Difficulty 7
Artemis Light Cruiser
Warp Drive
one hour time limit.

Like I said, normally this was not something we could do without an official supervision but as long as we recorded it they would consider judging it after the fact.

We played every other day after lab and on the last day and the last hour left to us we succeeded!

Artemis Lucky 7 02

I had to protect the privacy of the students, but I’m very proud of them and had to share the picture.

I still have to get the footage reviewed but then I can send them all their prizes for succeeding in a very difficult challenge.