When I first started working on the Lucidity Project I knew we had to have some kind of uniform appearance.

At first we were going to sew our own based loosely on the pattern Gabi used for her Luka Cosplay.


We had already gotten the fabric and started cutting out patterns, but then I released some training photos to the Artemis facebook group and this got the attention of Marion Robertson, the creator of the official Artemis patches.

Artemis Six Patches

Marion saw the potential of the our project and offered to send us some of the prototype uniform embroidery she was working on.

Artemis-Insignia 02

The idea is that you wear a long sleeve black shirt and then attach these temporarily.

Artemis Insignia Amy-A1

This lets you have uniforms for everyone at your party without having to change the shirts when you mix up the crew.

As you can see it works for any size and sex, both Louis and Amy look great.

Artemis Insignia Louis-A1

I was excited to have them, but story-wise saying Artemis wouldn’t make sense so I planned to cover their logo with Lucidity after the fact.

Marion went beyond the call and made me a custom set of patches with Lucidity already on it!

Artemis-Insignia 01

Knowing we were going to film the pilot to the show in just two days she overnighted me an entire set!


This completely changed our costuming plans, since the new rank brought the uniformity we wanted, we were now free to personalize the outfits and use vests I already had. (plus a dress picked up from goodwill)

Lucidity Crew 09

As you can see we took some liberties with Marion’s design, popping the seams and sewing them down to make an open collar but I think this is a great representation of what is possible with her work.

Marion’s Artemis patches are available on her Facebook page, and these new ranks coming very soon.

When that happens I recommend picking up a set, they’re high quality and make your gaming that much more awesome.