One of the other things I did at MoMoCon 2014 was set up an Artemis rig in their gaming area.


This system is a portable version of the Lucidity bridge. Even the HD TV and game server is mine.


The whole system is wireless using a stand alone router and it worked great even in the crowded building.


Originally I was going to bring more of the set to the show but decided not to at the last minute.

I still wanted the stability the table gave my X52 controllers so I made a version that wouldn’t slide across the table.


I like this a lot, I plan to use it in VR when Eve Valkyrie is released.

Now that I’ve done this I have a portable version I can take anywhere, and probably will sometime this year.

I’ll probably do this at next year’s show, if I do there’s a few more tweaks to make each console feel unique. If I end up doing that, I’ll share it with you.