For the third year in a row I was asked to come and help the Artemis Room at Gencon!

Artemis GenCon 2015 24

Due to issues beyond our control he had to rebuild our immersion bays, but I was really happy with how they came out!

Artemis GenCon 2015 13

We had more room then ever in the same sized space. Three briefing rooms, and a central station that lets us launch all simulations at once.

This is the first year I think We’ve really locked down how to setup our bays. Note the poles for stability, cable management, and and padded central isle.

My specialty with the crew is the interactive campaign (yea go figure) so that’s where I spent most of my time. We had the ability to change things in game from the outside.

Artemis GenCon 2015 14

This was the second year I’ve done it and I’ve learned quite a bit. Only one day later and I’m already taking notes on how to make it awesome next year!

Artemis GenCon 2015 23

On Saturday I ran an exceptionally long shift. I would have been done after 10 hours, but I got the chance to host my game for some members of Zombie Orpheus of the kickass Gamers and Journey Quests series and I couldn’t let that pass by.

Just look at that determined captain, ready to lead his crew to justice!

Artemis GenCon 2015 27

Not being a tabletop player I learned a lot about how to do it from watching their movies, so I was relieved to know they had a good time.

Artemis GenCon 2015 26

Over all, it was the best year yet!

Thanks to everyone who came and to all of the crew. I’m so proud of us!

We get waffles.

I’m already taking notes on how to make my campaign better. I can’t wait to get started!