Have you ever heard Dr Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech about the 6 rules to success?

The link above is to the abridged version, if you have the time you should really listen to the whole thing.

It cracks me up how different the presentation is between those two. Sure the first one is more to the point but the tone is way off.

These rules (or laws as I call them) are about getting things done. They can apply to weight lifting, but it’s not about getting physically strong.

Getting strong is hard work and the laws will help, but this speech is from a doctor, from the governor of California, and that version of Arnie isn’t shown in the slide show of the first video at all.

I’ve found these rules to be helpful, so I made a quick graphic to hang on the wall.

My favorite is “Break the rules, not the law, but break the rules.” When I first printed this the folks in the office read it and thought it meant anarchy so I added that law caveat. It’s purposely fine print because obeying the law isn’t the point, it’s about not being confined to others rules.

Arnold actually says “don’t listen to the naysayers” but I changed it to “Haters Gunna Hate” to make it more personal. I kept forgetting this law and that’s what inspired me to make the poster.

It’s funny because it’s the one I have the biggest problem with. In fact, I really need to make a post about just Haters and how I’ve learned to deal with them… That’s another day though.

Before I end this I should admit that I do disagree with him on the sleep thing.

Getting 6 hours of sleep every day can be bad for you. It’s easier to loose focus and ambition.

I don’t know about you, but I tended to catch more colds throughout the year then I do now that I aim for 8 hours a night. He even contradicts himself right after quoting “early to bed and early to rise.” because he’s recommending you do just one of those things.

But that point is minor, Arnie’s Law helps me, so I thought it might help you too. If that’s the case feel free to grab that image and hang it up.

If you do share a picture and I’ll post it here, Maybe we’ll start a trend.