I posted last week that I bid on a motorcycle because we need a second ride for Gabi and I.  Commuting her and myself around every weekday is taking something like 2 and half hours a day for me.  It’s driving me nuts, not to mention my car has a gas leak and I need to take it to the shop badly.

I bid on a new bike with 1183 miles on it at a low price because I knew I wouldn’t get it, and I was right, I was out bid within hours.  Well last night with only a few hours left the winning bidder backed out and suddenly I found myself the highest.

There wasn’t any time left so I ended up winning by default… holly crap I just bought a bike!




It’s a really nice looking bike, but the front finish is broken.  You might think I’m crazy for getting a bike with a crack in it, but this is a starter bike.  Getting them in my price range is easy, but getting them without problems is harder.  I can patch that, and I honestly don’t think the bike has any other problems, especially mechanically, and that’s where it counts. Paying $1,500 cheaper then any other bike just like it for a cosmetic problem is doable.

I’m happy to have it, but I’m feeling guilty as hell.  Like I said, I pushed ahead because we need to fix our transportation situation asap, but that very night Gabi had convinced me that her getting a different vehicle was the better choice, and she JUST got approved for a loan. When I saw I was out bid I was a bit revealed because she had swayed me to go with her plan instead.

In other words, my replacement car has become an extra toy, and in this economy it makes me feel bad.  but a deal’s a deal and I would feel even worse about backing out of it on the guy.  so this saturday Allen and I are going down to St Pete to get it and next week I will take the course in how to drive it. With any luck I’ll take to it well and who knows, It may very well save me money in the long run, we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I OWN A MOTORCYCLE! how cool is that?