As a vet of a foreign war, how am I spending Veterans day? In the trenches of course!

I’m making so much progress with my project that little things like eating and sleeping seem unnecessary.  I haven’t been to sleep since yesterday and have class today, so I’ll be up way past 24 hours.

After I posted yesterdays blog about blue screen work I thought James looked a little lonely, so I decided to put the rest of us in the back ground with a little blur. The problem is that I forgot to film Allen from head to toe like I did with Buck and I.

There’s a lot of ways to fix this but since I have the darkness of metal added to the entire video I figured I could get away with just painting on simple legs.

I say simple because I’m not adding grain or color to them, but they are still pretty complex because Allen does a lot of swaying as he rocks and I want it to be seamless so I have to keyframe EVERY frame that he is on screen.


It’s taking me about an hour and half to do every frame, but it’s well worth it, here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like.


I think that looks good, but the entire project is far from done.  Don’t forget that the fire and stage are only temp.  I’ll have the correct stuff rendered and filmed this upcoming weekend.

For those of you wondering, I was serious about the foreign war thing.  I was stationed in Bosnia 10 years ago last month, and I do think about that every veterans day, it reminds me I really am one.

anyway enough of that, back to work!