The other day I went to Airsoft Atlanta and picked up a shotgun for our photobooth for the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

Wow that’s a lot of links, I’m cross referencing the hell out of that sentence.

Anyway, the shop was pretty cool.

While I was there they were having a sale on some of the lower-end stock and I picked up a few handguns.

The first is an odd choice for a modern zombie scenario, but at 2.99 I couldn’t pass it up.

It’s a Mauser “Broom Handle”. It’s the same gun Han Solo’s is based on, as well as Eva from Metal Gear 3 I always thought it was a neat design so it’s cool to have in my collection.

The only mod we had to do for this was paint the tip black like the rest of the barrel. While we were at it we repainted the tip of the gun I carry with my Cyrus uniform.

I don’t know if anyone will choose an ancient handgun during the photoshoot but it’s still nice to have for myself after the event, and like I said was a really good deal.

The other gun I got was more appropriate, but it’s also a lot more… Odd…

Yes, a saber-tooth tiger on fake pearl with cowhide accents and faded gold decoration is how it came out of the box… I can’t imagine why it was on sale for less then 5 bucks…

Luckily the grips came off separate from the gun, so Gabi’s job was made easy.

It’s not a bad prop under all that crap though, it also came with a light and laser-sight combo that I’m leaving off it. I’m sure it will come in handy in some other way.

It didn’t take much to get it in shape, all three guns look great now.

Total price was a little over 34 bucks for all three weapons. I’m glad there was a store in town because as nice as our melee stuff is, the lack of firearms was disappointing.

So, if you get the chance I would check out Airsoft Atlanta, they have great deals, and a lot of amazing high end stuff on display. That’s not even mentioning the uniform and Tac gear. Plus while you’re there pick up a flyer for a cool event going on right now…

I promise you it’s relevant to your interests.