I went to the publix the day before the Superbowl and lookie what I found.


there are 4 glasses per sheet, and I must have more then 200 sheets.  This isn’t even counting how many I might be able to get by heading over there again today, now that the event is over I should be able to walk away with all of them.

why would I want so many?  It means that my new special edition movie can have 3D once again without fear of not having enough glasses.  This gears me up to finally choose the movie I am going to do,  It’s either going to be:

Photobucket OR Photobucket

I just can’t decide.  I’ve already got a lot of material for howard, but at the same time people don’t know it as well as TMNT.  Knowing the movie well makes it easier to talk during it and still have it a fun film.

All I know is that I have the time to do it this month so I need to hurry up and decide.