I do a lot of stuff at AFO,

During the 3-day weekend I will run an event pretty much every hour of the day.

I’m not against running new “experimental” events that can occasionally have a poor turn out and that’s what I was expecting on Sunday morning. I love Dr Steel and want to spread the word of our future emperor to everyone I know, but this was an anime con and Dr Steel was a real man. I didn’t think anyone would come to such an early morning panel.

However, I wanted to try some new presentation techniques that I thought would work well with other things so I made myself a custom interface for his propaganda movies.

I’ve been meaning to capture what this actually looks like to youtube, I’ll do that when I get home.
I got up early to make sure I had things just the way I wanted them. The cool part about my room is that I have more monitors then average, and that meant even more ability to brainwash the masses

at 9 am sharp I opened the doors and found three fans of the doctor waiting already

as you guys know, I have my own uniforms, but to be frank this was my 4th day of running nonstop content (Thursday had some stuff going on too) and I was just to exhausted to put it on. I still had my toy solider sprit however, and asked the girls to grab a picture for me.

the logo I have on my shirt is from Power Rangers Dino Thunder

I kinda know Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver the green / white / red / and black ranger) and I’ve shared the word of Dr Steel with him before…

So I figure I could get away with no uniform just this once, after all Dr Steel is happy and this logo makes people happy so it works out.

I began my presentation and slowly the room started to fill

before I knew it, I had a pretty big room there to see what the doctor had to say

Overall an excellent event!