I don’t know where this one came from. All of my story notes are in one place and because I’m the only one that sees them, I never bother to spell check, but this one was written like I actually gave it to someone. I remember having an idea for a story in the future, but not the part about it being so heavily anime based. My guess is I wrote this for Erik as something we might use for the con.

Like 116 was a comic book, this story fits well into the anime genre so I’m going to run with it. I made serious revisions to all of the other story pitches before I posted them, but this one is going to go up just as it was when it was last opened in February 2003, so expect the flow to be different then the others.


Our main character (for now lets call him bob) is 16 and in class with his friends. Suddenly things go a little funny and he finds himself in a glass tube. Its 170 years in the future and he is a clone of the boy in that classroom.

The real Bob grew up and joined the military at 18 where he was selected as a test subject for a new kind of piloting system. The test was a success, and Bob was able to pilot complex machines by thinking about it.

However, much like cold fusion in a jar, the scientist couldn’t figure out how they did it and the first place and could not recreate the interface for any other pilots.

War broke out with a neighboring nation, and they created AFO Robo as an ultimate weapon. One AFO Robo was enough to defeat entire armies and the war was over in under a year.

But Bob wouldn’t stop. No one knows why, but the once loyal solder started using AFO Robo to gain more and more power. He rained as a world dictator for 60 years until he died of a brain aneurysm at 86.

After his death there was peace like never before (mainly because the entire world was already one nation so there was no real need to fight it). They form a Free Federation that last for the next 100 years.

That is, until the Big Bad comes.

I don’t know who this character is yet (perhaps the great-grand son or daughter of Bob) but whoever it is has managed to recreate the pilot system for their small army, and is using Mechs of their own against the Free Federation.

Even 100 years later they still have no machines that are a match for Giants Robots, and are losing the war. (It doesn’t help that there has been a hundred years of peace and there was never a need to make something stronger) The Free Federation only has one ace: the original AFO Robo. Even after months of trying, no one can pilot it but bob, so they make a bob of their own.

This clone has all the memories of bob up until his sixteenth birthday. They needed an exact copy so the Robo will sync with him, but they made him younger than his military days to try to avoid whatever it was that made him a dictator in the first place.

So here this kid is, one-second in school, the next a clone in the future. Forced to pilot a Mech before he gets to eat for the first time, for a bunch of people who fear and hate him for something he never did. (Imagine a clone of Anakin, and telling him he’ll be Darth Vader one day)

To safe guard that he wont go ape again, the Federation modifies AFO Robo so they can kill the power at any time, and take away most of its long range weapons so he cant attack his creators unless he gets real close. (Also forcing him to fight enemy Mechs hand to hand) to top it off they put a poison pellet in his head that will kill him instantly if he refuses an order, and worse they plan to use it in two years and create a new clone.

But at the end of the day, Bob is a good kid, and wants to do well to make up for whatever he did the first time around. Eventually he’ll prove to the Federation that he can be a good soldier, but will always second-guess his actions in battle for fear of becoming what he was before.