let’s see, where to start my AFO brief?

*packing everything I needed meticulously
*having a truck and havening all our gear at the con ready to go *Wednesday
*having everything set up at a decent hour on Thursday
*Having a game show theater to run everything
*the monitor stands used for every show
*Saturday morning cartoons
*Karen buying hotel cereal for the event because they said we could not offer Count Chocula unless they sold it to us.
*Getting stopped for picture and autographs as both whledon and wally
*everyone liking the Wheldon Smiley DVDs
*Not being able to find a single negative comment about the RPG event.
*Jason David Frank!
* James’ Goldar voice never gets old. ever.
*Magus being so good at evil jeopardy that he’s my assistant next year.
*having the guitar hero face off work so well at closing ceremonies.
*having very little to say at the not so good category
*Finding the room packed and ready to play win lose or draw… I *was going to cancel that one.
*I had a great great time at karate sunday. I learned a few things.
*And the best thing: EVERYONE GOT IT! the Horus and Hesperous plot line, the gameshow host stuff, the rpg. I litterly had people slap their foreheads this year and go oooohhhh that’s what you’ve been trying to do for the last 8 years!

Not so good
*Weakest Geek needs an overhaul and I mean it this time. I have just the idea on how to do that, it’s going to be all physical challenges next year… trust me it will work.
*I would say Good Morphin’ sucked but I just saw a movie from it and although people were not energetic they did enjoy it. lesson to learn: I need to be on the stage reeving people up. although lots of things could have been better, that’s the main thing that was missing from a normal smiley show.
*Saturday night fights worked flawlessly, but nobody came to it. I think they would have if it was a different time. I just couldn’t stand up to the rave and the porn.
*Karen buying hotel cereal for the event because they said we could not offer Count Chocula unless they sold it to us also goes in not so good category.
Overall I’d say we knocked it out of the park! Way to go all AFO staff we did a really good job this year.

There are lots of pictures (mostly of me and JDF) but this is currently my favorite of the whole con:

That’s right, he signed the green candle! I would burn it down and steal all of Jason’s kickass powers, but I’m afraid he’ll give them to Austan St John at the last minite and no one wants that!