A friend of mine is working on a project using footage from Mass Effect. This is his first editing project and needed a shot not available in the actual game.

It’s a simple track and replace of moving footage so even though he wasn’t even sure he was going to use it I thought I would practice the craft and do the replacement.

What I did was a motion track of the picture frame, cut out the original pic and did a moving masking layer so Conrad Verner here can step in front of it. I little holomatrix and we’re good.

of course now that I have that footage cut out I can put anything there…


When the video is done I’ll make a post of it. If it turns out the footage isn’t used I’ll strait up post that too, but for the meantime I refrain.

Funny story though, I uploaded a test vid to my youtube account and I got one comment on it.


For some reason that cracks me up. people take the relationships of the game seriously I guess.