It’s been a little less then a year and a half since the dog that came with the house died. Well now we find ourselves again given a dog that we didn’t want…

This one is named Ace, and he was the sister and law’s. You can see that he wasn’t fed very well, and long story short he had to be moved to a better home and that became us.

I would never have chosen a pit bull but Ace is a really good dog; friendly, fun loving, and really smart. He hasn’t been trained yet but can still follow basic commands if he can figure out why you are using your big boy voice.

We’ve had him for about a week now and he’s already gained a lot of weight, you can’t see his ribs like that anymore.

Unexpected or not, it is nice to have a dog around again. I haven’t owned one myself since my Beagle died 13 years ago so it’s long past due to have a furry friend.