Over on the AFO fan page I stared a debate on who would in in a fight Goku from Dragonball Z or Kira from Death note. The results were interesting but Goku came out the winner.

Now that he has survived death itself it is time to put him up against a seemingly impossible challenge.

In a barren rock quarry our champion stands. He wears his orange jumpsuit and has recently eaten. Suddenly, with a rolling thunder a small bald child appears.

Hailing from the southern air temple, he is the avatar, a living embodiment of nature in the world. All year he has trained for this, he is refreshed and ready….

But wait, don’t start placing your bets yet ladies and gentlemen, all is not as it seems with these titans of legend!

As the fog rolls away, their forms become more clear…

With a shriek of horror you find that before you are not the characters you love, but the version Hollywood THINKS will sell you the most merchandise.

Ignoring the boos and laughter they face each other, determed to prove their worth and how they do that is up to YOU!

So the question before you stands, who would win in a fight? Live action half-assed Goku or Live action half-assed Aang?

Leave you comments below or a the AFO Facebook page (recommended) Either way I will post the responses both places to make sure the battle is brought to everyone.

Oh and one more thing, the full moon will be totally visible in 15 minutes.