have you noticed over all these post that I just keep getting less and less patient? I am so Frakking fed up with the way things are right now, I need something ANYTHING to change. new different exciting things need to happen to me like right frakking now.

I have drama at work, and it’s pissing me off to the point that it’s difficult to function there. I need to be strong and stay just a little longer if I want to pay my bills and go to school, but gods damn it it’s hard. I hate these people and their cubical monkey ways. I’m not just unhappy anymore, I’ve gone passed that to pissed off.

Maybe leaving is the right answer, I can get another job and stay at it to pay the bills to go to school. Its more risky because it might not pay as well, but maybe it’s the only way to stay sane.

oh, and happy birthday allen