wacko reviews has a two part objective:

Part 1 is to force me to make new motion graphics content if I’m ready for it or not to prove to myself and possible employers that I can handle the job. (I did this with zero budget, imagine what I can do for you)

Part two is to establish a niche audience with the stuff I talk about.  I watch a lot of podcast and basically want to be just like my heroes. I’ve been carefully watching how they do what they do and think I understand the business model.  I’ve got some non obtrusive ads on the new site (I’ll let you know when I’m ready for you to see that)  and I’m uploading Wacko Reviews to a site that not only get less cease in desist from youtube, but also gives me more control over the entire process.

Every time someone watches one of my shows from here I get some
advertising revenue. I can link it to my site, facebook, myspace,
twitter, itunes, and digg automatically. combine that with also
releaseing it to youtube and I’m in a good position to start building a

New media is an interesting place, it lets people do amazing things
right from their living room. sure I’ll never get the ratings of big
tv, but that’s measured in millions.  Imagine if 100,000 people check
out my newest episode?

It’s been known to happen.