Today was the first of day of a class I had heard bad things about. Everyone says the teacher rambles creates busy work and makes the whole class pointless.

I get into class and the teacher seems ok for starters, she playing AC/DC so that’s good.  After roll she asks us what we heard of the class and writes it all down on the board then breaks up up into groups and has us do exercises about preconceived notions.


She goes out of her way to point out that our money could be better spent, that she is not qualified to teach the job, and that there will be a lot of pointless busy work all in an effort to prove this is not the case.

The best part is that after this is made clear, she sends us on a half hour break where we all sit outside and bitch about the pointlessness of the class. 

Friends who are a month behind us hear us bitch, then when they have the class a month later, tell her all the things they heard, she does her little dance and THEY go out and repeat the process.

In other words, if she just stopped the BS and actually taught the class she wouldn’t have to tell us why she teaches the class the way she does.  It’s like the circle of life, but instead of life and death it’s my money and a waste of time…

Friends that are in front of me say that it gets worse, but honestly I think it all comes back to the first 3 hours of the class, that’s where she puts it in their heads.

This month is 6 days a week, and because of spring break the schedule has me doing 11 days in a row… most of which is with this lady…

It’s going to be fun!