Check out this story about Fat rights…,2794625.story

My personal feelings..

There’s a world of difference in the “thin” that we worship in this country and not being obese. Saying that you are held to an unreachable standard and therefore refuse to try for a reachable one is just an excuse. Bottom line is that anyone who gets big enough for it to be a problem shows that they have some issues with personal responsibilities.

Despite how much the woman in the article would like to been seen for her mind, ignoring the body is not a good trait to have. It would have been better for her if she had seen it as a wake up call and done something about it, instead of calling the workplace unfairly bias.

And that’s the main point, unlike any other discrimination you can have against someone, this is a negative trait that can be changed if a person tries. Unless we are talking about an action that a person no longer does, what they do on a daily basis is relevant when giving them a job.