I had such a fun time painting bender, I decided to try another one
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If you don’t recognize that, it’s my buddy, Erik’s original comic book character Dynamax.
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Erik likes to get his favorite comic book artist to draw their own versions of his character, and I thought it was the perfect choice for my next attempt. The above is my take, at least at my current skill level, and I think it’s pretty good.

When I went to class for the critique today, I couldn’t decide which painting I liked better so I put them both up for review. Since bender is more well known he got more positive feedback, but overall everyone was impressed with both paintings. This secured my first 100% grade for this class!

You don’t understand how ecstatic that makes me, it’s been driving me insane that I wasn’t getting the grades I wanted in either this class or math. I really wanted to get at least one 100 before the end of the month when I would move on to other classes.

mission accomplished with that, and that means it was a great day.