I don’t know if it’s pushing too hard for the con, rushing to catch up in school, or this endless frakking rain (probably all of the above)

But I am at my wits end! I found out today I have to get a really good grade on a really hard test to pass my classes this month, AND my living room is trashed from AFO and I haven’t had time to work on any dragon stuff. Until just now I had so much stuff in the living room I didn’t have space to lay out and cut daxos’ straps.

So, like any good Arcadian, I’m running away! I’m headed down to Tampa to trade my dad’s truck in for my newly repaired car and I’m going to stay down there for the weekend.

quiet, not raining, and off the grid… except for the fios wich is an even faster grid… still, away from troubles.

I hope this will let me work on my school final in peace and get my attitude a little better, because frankly I’m starting to get on my own nerves!