I got a really good haul for Christmas this year including a few computer upgrades.

My DVD burner has been failing for a few weeks so I upgraded it to a new SATA drive.


My old drive was still IDE and I’m not sure why but it was a little sad to see a reliable format go.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a long while is the internal power system of my desk.

I’ve got a lot of custom parts so there’s a big rats nest of cables behind the panels. Not only does this look bad but it also doesn’t do very well for heat.


To make this easier to deal with I got two 3 foot power strips with 9 plugs each.


These let me secure them down with side screws and spread the plugs out over the entire compartment. It’s still a rats nests but it’s much cooler and easier to use.


One of the reasons this has taken so long to upgrade is because I’m the only one that sees it most of the time.


Still, it’s something that’s been on my list forever so it’s cool to have that done.

Up next I’ll tell you about the new clock above my monitors, it’s freaking great!