I had almost forgotten, but a simi-important date has just come up.

I started a daily blog on March 19th 2007 and have kept up a post a day pretty much non-stop ever since then. I did miss a day or two, and when we first moved to GA I skipped two weeks, but other then that I have been successful.

There’s been a total of 1,104 days in between that time and I have made 1,146 posts. Eliminating the ones I created as part of the navigation of this site and the ones I created to post live at AFO I’ve come out just about even.

I started the blog to keep others up to date with what I am doing, but also to remind myself of what I’ve done. Just like diary’s of old I’m able to flip through the past in a way most people can’t.

Not only has being able to reference all of my work helped me immensely in this new profession, but I think it’s also an important gift to the future to tell them what we’ve done. To that end I have finally found a way to bring the posts from my myspace blog to here.

Because myspace is a closed system this wasn’t a possibility until very recently, and I’m glad to have it because now I’m able to save backups of everything going forward in one central place, as well as do searches for any post I’ve made.

so here’s to 3 years, I bet I’ll laugh when it’s 15.