Welcome to the end of Two Thousand and Twelve!

Every year I like to sit down and do a recap of the things I’ve done during the last 12 months and this is my sixth such review!

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This year I decided to try something new by making a collage of pics from my favorite posts.

Clicking on any of these pictures will lead to their original posts, so feel free to explore!



God Of AZA 04

McRib 2012
zone of the metal gear demo 01Donkeys at The U pull itAztecCalendar2Beastmaster_Menu_One-highlightPeter n Gabi Xmas setup

That may seem like a lot but it’s actually short a bunch of stuff!

I didn’t make as many blog posts as I should have this year, so next year’s resolution is to try to go back to one a day if I can manage it.

Song to remind me of 2012 — Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now

Best Movie – Avengers Assemble!

Best Overall Story — Ready Player One By Earnest Cline


Worst Overall Story — Mass Effect 3

Because the People of Earth… Are Idiots!
I’MMmmmmmmm Captain Kirk!
Well next time I’m getting a futon… a space futon.
This is of absolute importance. Our lives depend on the answer… The McRib.. is it back? IS IT BACK!?
I don’t care how ironically you cut your hair it’s not going to keep you alive!
Does anyone want to loose a face? cus if you want to loose a face now is a really good time! Find a face loosing buddy if you wanna loose a face and it will Lop it RIGHT OFF!
The world is doing fine. Another toy will help destroy the elder race of man. Forget about your silly whim, it doesn’t fit the plan.
I need you to go into space.
Ok, I will.
Forgot to get gas before I left for work this morning. Learned my car can also run on hopes and dreams.
I just destroyed interstellar society. I’m not in the mood for talking ponys right now.
We could use an alien to spruce things up. Or an alien tree that IS a spruce!
This is how it ends people in blood and bananas!
Wha-ha-ha you fell for my trap Gavan! “yea, about that.. see I beat the shit out of them on my way to beat the shit out of you..”
I’ve learned some valuable lessons about iron claws.
You should be impressed, that was really hard to do!


Moment Of The Year… IS A TIE!

Getting the animation job that I did was a surprise to be sure, a high point in my carrier as a professional motion graphics guy.

This job opened new opportunities to me and even though I don’t currently have it, am still grateful and am riding the prosperity it gave me even now.

God Of AZA 01

AZA is important to me, and it was nice to be given the freedom to really sink my teeth into the project.

Being recognized for the hard work is such a foreign thing I don’t even know how to process it even now. I’m truly lucky to be working with such a family of entertainers.

So, as always the questions remains: “was 2012 better then 2011?”


Every year has felt like a setup for the next and this year felt like a little bit of payoff. I’m not done yet though, not by far, and 2012 has let me get ready for 2013 like nobody’s business.

Put me in couch, I’m ready!