Ah another year, another end of the year recap. It’s fun to go back and see the previous posts, see if I did better then the year before.

Just now I realized that this is my 5th year in a row to do a recap and that means I’ve been doing a daily blog for half a decade.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

That’s a long time to do anything, and I’m pretty proud I’ve kept it up. Even though there were a few months where I didn’t post every day I still have a lot to draw on.

I plan to keep doing it too, this is a lifetime commitment that I think will be important far into the future.

Right now these posts are for me, (and you of course) our ancestors can wait, so lets get to the breakdown!

In the industry
Was in an independent film by Daniel Dipiazza

Was in the film Contagion

Was in the show Necessary Roughness

Was in the show Vampire Diaries

Was in the film Odd Life of Timothy Green (never actually posted about it)

Was in the film Joyful Noise (no post about that either)

Was in the film The Change up

Did photobooth gigs almost every weekend

Helped my Dad with the graphics for his new business

Went to a few Rodeos

Went to California for a propworx gig and met Kevin Smith

Made a banner for Dad’s business

Made some special effects for Kent Ward’s project

Became a freelance DJ

Worked with my Dad and Gabi to run a successful photobooth

Had a fantastic time working with the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse
Random Projects I did
Converted someone’s back yard into the Death Star

Took some violent photos in the snow

Added Gabi and I to Tron

Created a new logo for Wacko Reviews

Built a PKE style scanner

Made fun of every new version of startrek

Rebuilt a Trailer and used it at least once a week ever since

Modded a bucket into a perfect car washing kit

Used my old Spartan Gear to make a Rory the Roman costume

Modded some guns for the photoshoot

Made several graphic art projects inspired my AZA (and still plan to make a few more)
Convention Memories

Met a pretty perfect Tali

Ran a gameshow at TimeGate

Played a really interesting Giant Monster game

Hosted a panel at Seishun-Con

Ran a few shows at AFO

Run a bunch of shows at Anime World Chicago

Went to Dragoncon

Had a fantastic time working with the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

Lost someone who could have been a close friend with time
Personal Achievements

Did a total redesign of my website

Also added a new random post generator

Started to be followed by the LOST SKELETON!

Finished work on the TARDIS console my dad helped me build.

Got to hear about Osama Bin Laden being shot in the face

Created a QR code for the site

Built my own spaceship set

Installed long desired monitor mount

Set up an in house cloud with an NAS

Celebrated the second year of the holiday I created

Restarted Wacko Reviews with a really strong opening epsiode

Followed it up with another episode on schedule 2 weeks after

Installed Linux Mint

Made a custom monopod for filming

Upgrade the tweaked the computer even more
Random Stuff I Did

Went to the mall and found one of the Riddler’s clues

Found a banana candy that looks like a penis

Had a lot of animals in the house, some fighting each other for the right to be here

Broke My iPhone

Fixed My iPhone

Got a dog (and had it taken from me unfairly)

Had an impromptu party at Allen’s Place

Ran over a deer and got airbrushed badassery

Finally opened my Hot Dog action figure

Started playing D&D

Got a KILLER tooth ache
Stuff Gabi Did That Got Put On My Blog

Cooked kickass BBQ in our fireplace

Gathered up some ridiculously awesome geeky valentines

Got kickass Marvel vs Capcom swag

Mowed the grass (more the once)

Went to a final fantasy concert

Painted up our car’s bumper

Started to play Sailor Moon 3d (before I stopped her for a future let’s Play)

Built kickass bloody and violent props.

Redid the mailbox and started a small flower garden

Gave my dad Summer Glau’s autograph

Made a new Severous Snape Puppet
Bike Mods I’ve Done
Only new thing I did this year was upgrade my GPS glove
Movies Seen
Harry Potter 7.2
Cars 2
Gnomeo & Juliet
Green Lantern
Jumping the Broom
Notable Movies I did not see but plan to
Sucker Punch
X-Men: First Class
Super 8
Captain America
The Change up
Real Steel
Games Played
Dead Rising Case West

Portal 2

Metal Gear HD

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Back to the future: The Game 1 – 5

Duke Nukem forever

L.A. Noire
Games NOT Played but plan to
Batman: Arkham City
Dead Island
Saints Row: The Third
House improvements made
My spaceship set

Built a Running Track in the backyard

Got Pink Eye form Prince Zuko in the process

Mowed the entire back yard

Cleaned out a large part of the basement
Song to remind me of 2011 — Journey Don’t Stop Believing

Best Show — Pirate Sentai Gokaiger
Worst Show — Falling Skies


Nannies are like pigeons you know.
“Cynic. Regrettably, I can’t think of an instance where you’re wrong about that…”
“I will eat ALL THE THINGS!”
“You’re like a sexy librarian you are”
“Yes, make him shiny like fish”
“I’m pretty sure Edgar Allen Poe didn’t make House of Usher has a sequel to Zombie 5!”
“YOU will be next!”
“Now get ready for your next pose”
“Look at that bitch eating crackers like they own the place”
“YOU! are already wed! atatatatata!”
Moment Of The Year

Just like last year the entire month of October was a total success, this year was twice as good. I can’t wait to do it again, and I’m really happy my family was a big part of it.

So now that it’s done, how did we do? Was 2011 better then 2010?

Yes, yes it was. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’ve made real progress towards my goal of freelance work and my review show.

2011 feels like true honest setup for 2012, let’s hope that’s the case!