Last year I started out with:
This was a hard one.

This year:
It was a total win!

When I told my Dad I considered this year to be a good one he was a little surprised because it’s been a financial struggle all year.

This is true, but when last year came to a bitter end I swore I would achieve a few things:

Get an internship (I got 2)
Meet local same-minded people in Atlanta (I made over 100 new friends)
Get this house 100% clean and complete (I got it to 98%, not bad at all)

I was dead serious about these goals, and this means I achieved everything I tried this year. Even though I’m pennyless right now, I just stared an exciting new job and can’t help but feel like I’ve done well.

The advantage of having a daily blog is that I can go back and look at what the year was really like. I like to gather the best links for the last day of the year and the following format works best.

You can see all the years here by the way and I should warn you that 2008 is pic intensive.

So with all that out of the way, let’s break down…

In the industry
Properly lit my green screen
Went to a WordPress Camp
Got my first internship (left it after 5 weeks btw, they sucked)
Made a coloring book Flash program
Stopped updating Myspace and went totally to my own website
Started Archiving my Twitter Posts
Pushed my FX skills on a review of Stargate Atlantis
Saw a smart Burger King Print Ad
Helped Edit a Snoop Dogg Video
Made a Logo for Papa’s Cabinet Shop
Built a Tardis Console
Got Graphic Design credits in two published works
Joined the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse
Got several gigs as an Extra in major movies
Became a Professional Gameshow Host

Random Projects I did
Got indoctrinated by the Reapers
Made a desktop of me murdering JarJar Binks
Made a Star Wars Test Film
Made a documentary about my fan film attempts
Photographed my old swampy home
Jumped the Earth in a monster truck
Made a movie to help Mappy with a contest
Made a custom Sonic Screwdriver
Ran photo comparisons of the iPhone camera
Made the Skies of Orlandia intro video
Photographed the streets of Conyers
Worked with Waldo on the Orlandia Flag
Worked with James to Make Kevin Smith animated characters
Designed Apocalypse Army Costumes
Animated a picture of me and Gabi Harry Potter style

Convention Memories
Started a countdown to my return to AFO
Once I announced I was coming back, started a podcast to count down the weeks
Built another engine for Big Damn Gameshow
Went to AnachroCon
Went to Seishun-Con
Made the XP for Skies of Orlandia
Made an End of Time Master Costume
Hosted like a billion shows at AFO
Met David Yost!
Got Digitized 8-bit style by Mega Buck
Was a Guest on a cool podcast (and got a shout out on another)
Challenged and lost to Dancing Kakashi
Dragoncon Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Parade
Did a Christmas Countdown of 14 of the best anime for the AFO facebook page

Personal Achievements / Random Stuff I Did
Had my first snowy winter
Celebrated the re-release of real sugar soda
Melted a Snowman’s Face
Added a custom microphone to my Skype set up
Went to Disney World with good friends
Met the Power Rangers in that same Disney Trip
Took a great photo of spring’s arrival
Celebrated 3 years of daily blogs
Touch a real life iPad (listed because it’s debut is historically relevant)
Saw the Sky Turn Yellow
Did a break down of all of the Regenerations of Doctor Who
Saw the Car go over 100 thousand miles
Met my California Cousins
Ate Bison Burgers
Paid off my car
Went to Virginia and Washington DC
Collected most of the 50 State Quarters
Got all the Achievements in Dead Rising 1
Watched all of Startrek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine
Celebrated a Holiday I made up with lots of people
Saw a total eclipse of the moon
Saw my first White Christmas
Made Perfect Soup

Stuff Gabi Did That Got Put On My Blog
Entered and won a Bayonetta Tshirt
Took some great photos in the 6 inches of snow
Went to the Cherry Blossom Festival
Went to a secret farm at my childhood home
Made a set of Wheldon Smiley Plaid PJs
Made a Wheldon Smiley Bow Tie
Got the long coveted Disguise Power Pen
Modded the Bayonetta and Aperture Science shirts to be girl-type
Made Harry Potter Magic Wands

Bike Mods I’ve Done
Fixed the speedometer
Added a Garage Door Opener
Added a power plug
Added modular headphones to the Helmet
Replaced the tires

Movies Seen
Rambo: First Blood
John Rambo
Transporter 3
Mad Max
Best Worst Movie
Mega Man Film
The Room
Ironman 2
Harry Potter 7.1

Games Played
Mass Effect 2
3D Adventures of Sailor Moon
The Room Tribute
Dead Rising: Case Zero
Red Dead Redemption
Dead Rising 1
Made a list of the top 15 games of all time
Secret of Monkey Island
The Askinator
Dead Rising 2
Rock Band Keytar
Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People
Back To The Future The Game Part 1

House improvements made
Cleaned 7 years of buildup in our gutters, stopping regular basement flooding
Built a Home Gym
Replaced the light I kept hitting my head on
Got both sinks in the kitchen to work
Installed auto lights all over the house
Got the Lawn Mower working and started caring for the outside of the house
Discovered we have peaches and pear trees
Buried the Dog that came with the house
Installed the Ice Maker
Got rid of that car we had to drag from Florida!
Got the Air Conditioner working
Properly mounted the Projector
Installed a hot water heater!
Installed a 2000 dollar bed of the future

Song to remind me of 2010

Cee Lo Gree – Fuck You

Best Show
Spartacus Blood and Sand

Worst Show
Stargate Atlantis: The Shrine


“I have ham, I’m a ham haver”
“I’m taking it back.”
“Chris and Angie Duplis are ugly and stupid, did you hear they have herpes?”
“Bow Ties are cool.”
“Blue Jeans and cowboy boots are cool, I wear blue jeans and cowboy boots now.”
“What are you people doing here this is a restricted area!”
“The Illusion of Danger, not ACTUAL danger!”

Moment Of The Year

This isn’t actually the best picture from The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse but it was chosen because it is defiantly a picture of the year’s best moment for me.

I met a lot of cool people that month (many not featured in this pic so go look at them all) and finally felt like I found a place in Atlanta. This was taken at a party to celebrate the last day of the event and to basically start the countdown to the next year, totally making 2010 one to remember.

so wow, that’s a year of my life… Guess I should start making 2011 awesome right now, it’s got a lot of live up to.