This was a hard one.

I went through the years worth of post looking for interesting pics and events to share and it all seemed kinda bleak.

I hate saying that, I’ve never really declared a year to be a bad one before, but man 2009; you sucked!

Still, I know that this is about change and letting go of old dreams so I can have even better opportunities, it’s a hard struggle, but worth it. There were still momentous events for my personal year, things that will be valuable for 2010 and beyond and it’s time to celebrate them.

To do that, I’m going to go back to the original format from 2007 and present the top events of 2009!


In the industry

Started a podcast
Created an online portfolio
Made my first Demo Reel
Made a style guide
Made business cards
Launched website
Graduated From Fullsail

AFO memories

Worked with Erik and James to make the poster for AFO10
Made TMNT awesome
Rocked the 25th Shell-ebration with Turtle-Palooza
Finished the Pop Rocks Jam Session opening
Made a new interface for Big Damn Gameshow
Made Ranma’s boobs better
Saw Anime Explosion return
Got a badge of gameshow excellence
Sadly retired from the convention

Personal Achievements

Begged for money
Invented a holiday
Made a new type of GPS mount
Got a new Motorcycle suit
Found the original earth
Made a screen and a prototype of a pipboy 3000
Designed and built my own teleprompter
Met Sylvester McCoy
Left Florida
Moved to Georgia
Punched Edward Cullen in the face
Went to my college graduation
Saw a big worm
Found out Pens want to kill us all
Made up some names so manly they have chest hair
Killed my phone and watched it come back to life
Became a super hero

Movies Seen

Plan 9 From Outer Space
Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
The Golden Child
G.I. Joe
Star Trek
BSG: The Plan
Harry Potter

Games Played

Champion’s Online
Brutal Legend
Startrek a Final Unity

House improvements made

Computer Room

Song to remind me of 2009

BSG: Prelude to war

Best Show
BattleStar Galactica

Worst Show
BattleStar Galactica


But Vegeta… tricks are for kids!

I’d love to hear your pluvonks sing.


Beaten and broken beneath an unconscious naked child. Yup, I’m done here.

Moment Of The Year

This picture is the last thing I took at AFO and is the perfect representation of how I feel.

It’s a sad picture, but also one of hope. After all, for every ending, for every show complete there’s the memory of what was achieved and the promise of new adventures to come. 2009 was a year of huge change and that’s always painful.

I’m glad it went as smoothly as it did.