Did you guys know that I missed half of 1999?

I was in Bosnia as part of my air force service and there are interesting holes in my pop culture knowledge.

For example, I never saw the matrix, never even heard about it until it came out on DVD in 2000.

I didn’t know there was a wing commander movie until 2004, and I still haven’t seen it… keep meaning to

why do I bring this up now? because 10 years later things are still popping up from that time period.


I liked the total recall film, and from what I understand this combines two Phillip Dick novels into one, the other being Blade Runner.

It being connected to blade runner is what brought it to my attention, netflix just sent me the final direcotrs cut.

both of those movies were good so the tv series seems pretty interesting, and evidently I can watch it on hulu, so I think I will when I get the chance.

it makes me wounder what else I missed during that time, how would I ever know?